American Honey


Craft an HTML5 banner campaign for the movie “American Honey,” capturing its youthful spirit, road trip theme, and encouraging audience engagement.


Our solution encompassed the creation of a dynamic HTML5 banner campaign for the film “American Honey.” By integrating vibrant visuals, evocative snippets of scenes, and engaging animations, we curated a series of banners that effectively conveyed the movie’s youthful energy and its road trip narrative.

The campaign’s banners were strategically designed to resonate with audiences and spark curiosity, motivating them to explore the cinematic journey of the film’s characters. With responsive design implementation, the campaign achieved optimal display across diverse devices, maximising its reach. By seamlessly incorporating key moments and themes from the movie, we successfully generated interest and interaction, driving anticipation for the film’s release. Our HTML5 banner campaign for “American Honey” not only encapsulated its essence but also contributed to the movie’s allure, fostering a sense of connection and engagement among viewers.


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