Collateral Beauty


Create an HTML5 banner campaign for the movie “Collateral Beauty,” capturing its emotional resonance, thought-provoking themes, and encouraging audience engagement.


Our solution involved the creation of an impactful HTML5 banner campaign for the film “Collateral Beauty.” By seamlessly blending evocative visuals, profound excerpts, and strategically timed animations, we curated a series of banners that effectively conveyed the movie’s emotional depth and its contemplative narrative.

The campaign’s banners were meticulously designed to stir emotions and spark reflection, compelling audiences to explore the movie’s exploration of life’s complexities. Responsive design ensured the campaign’s seamless presentation across devices, expanding its reach. By incorporating key moments and thought-provoking elements from the film, we successfully generated interest and interaction, intensifying anticipation for its release. Our HTML5 banner campaign for “Collateral Beauty” not only encapsulated its resonant essence but also contributed to the movie’s impact, fostering audience engagement and creating a platform for meaningful connections with its profound themes.


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