Halifax Flagship Branch Launch


Create an HTML5 banner campaign to promote the launch of Halifax’s flagship store in London, emphasising convenience, modern banking solutions, and the grand opening event.


Our solution entailed crafting a dynamic HTML5 banner campaign to herald the launch of Halifax’s flagship store in London. By integrating engaging visuals, seamless animation, and strategic messaging, we effectively conveyed the convenience and modern banking solutions offered by the new store.

The campaign showcased the grand opening event, complete with captivating imagery and a countdown feature to build anticipation. Interactive elements encouraged users to RSVP for the event and explore the store’s offerings. The responsive design ensured optimal display across devices, maximising reach. Through this approach, our HTML5 banner campaign not only generated excitement and awareness for the flagship store but also successfully positioned Halifax as a leading player in the banking landscape, fostering customer engagement and driving footfall to the grand opening event.


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