Create an HTML5 banner campaign for the movie “Loving,” capturing its poignant narrative, historical relevance, and encouraging audience engagement.


Our solution involved crafting a compelling HTML5 banner campaign for the film “Loving.” By blending emotive visuals, impactful snippets of dialogue, and strategic animations, we curated a series of banners that effectively conveyed the movie’s heartfelt story and its significance within history.

The campaign’s banners were thoughtfully designed to captivate audiences and pique their interest, prompting them to delve deeper into the remarkable tale of the real-life couple and their fight for interracial marriage rights. Ensuring responsive design, we enabled the campaign’s seamless presentation across a spectrum of devices, extending its reach. By weaving key moments and themes from the movie, we successfully generated curiosity and engagement, kindling anticipation for the film’s release. Our HTML5 banner campaign for “Loving” not only resonated profoundly with audiences but also contributed to the movie’s cultural impact, enriching its narrative and forging meaningful connections with viewers.


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