Manchester by the Sea


Design an HTML5 banner campaign for the movie “Manchester by the Sea,” capturing its emotional depth, poignant storytelling, and sparking audience engagement.


Our solution entailed crafting an emotionally resonant HTML5 banner campaign for the film “Manchester by the Sea.” By seamlessly integrating impactful visuals, evocative snippets, and strategically timed animations, we curated a series of banners that effectively conveyed the movie’s profound narrative and its poignant themes.

The campaign’s banners were thoughtfully designed to evoke empathy and connection, compelling audiences to explore the raw emotions depicted in the story. Responsive design ensured optimal display across devices, enhancing its reach. By incorporating key moments and reflective elements from the movie, we successfully generated interest and interaction, intensifying anticipation for the film’s release. Our HTML5 banner campaign for “Manchester by the Sea” not only encapsulated its emotional depth but also contributed to the movie’s impact, fostering audience engagement and creating a platform for meaningful connections with the narrative.


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