Website Rebrand


Rebuild Poplar Studio’s WordPress website, emphasising modern functionality, user-friendly experience, and integrating 3D environments using Three.js.


Our solution involved a comprehensive overhaul of Poplar Studio’s WordPress website. By focusing on enhancing functionality, user experience, and incorporating 3D environments through Three.js, we achieved a dynamic online platform that aligned with the brand’s objectives.

The rebrand encompassed a homepage featuring interactive 3D environments created with Three.js, providing a captivating and innovative introduction to Poplar Studio’s offerings. This element highlighted the brand’s commitment to cutting-edge technology. Additionally, streamlined navigation, interactive portfolio displays, and responsive layouts were integrated to optimise user engagement. Through the incorporation of modern functionality and interactive 3D components, we successfully transformed the website, delivering an engaging and informative experience that distinguished Poplar Studio in the market while maintaining a user-centric approach.


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